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Sales and Use Tax

Local soda taxes now prohibited in Washington

As in California, local soda taxes are now prohibited in Washington....Continued

Taxable and exempt fitness fees in Tennessee – Who’s fit to be taxed? – Wacky Tax Wednesday

You wouldn’t pay tax on a class that teaches you how to teach yoga in Tennessee, but you’d have to charge tax on the yoga classes you offer once you’re certified....Continued

Taxing the great candy haul – Wacky Tax Wednesday

A staggering amount of candy is sold in preparation for Halloween. How much of it is subject to sales tax?...Continued

Nevada voters: Should tampons be sales tax exempt?

Nevada voters will decide the fate of the proposed sales and use tax exemption for feminine hygiene products on November 6, 2018....Continued

Australia’s tampon tax is dead

Australia is making headlines for eliminating its tampon tax. It’s been a long time coming....Continued

October 2018 sales tax changes

New sales tax rates, exemptions, and taxes take effect in numerous states on October 1, 2018....Continued

Hurricane Florence tax relief

Individuals and businesses impacted by Hurricane Florence may qualify for tax relief....Continued

Physical presence still matters when it comes to sales tax

Despite the dominance of economic nexus in sales tax news, physical presence remains the predominant sales tax collection trigger....Continued

Upcoming sales tax changes in the District of Columbia

Several notable changes related to sales and use tax will take effect in the District of Columbia on October 1, 2018, including a general sales tax rate change....Continued

When the right revenue ends up in the wrong place – Wacky Tax Wednesday

With more than 12,000 different sales tax jurisdictions in the United States, it’s a wonder any business remits the correct amount of tax to the proper jurisdiction at the right time. ...Continued