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Sales and Use Tax

Tax reform task force to Arkansas: Tax magazine subscriptions, not car washes – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Why would a tax reform task force dwell on the magazine subscriptions and car washes? ...Continued

Software as a service subject to Rhode Island sales tax starting October 1, 2018

Starting October 1, 2018, SaaS will be subject to sales and use tax in Rhode Island. ...Continued

5 surprising ways to trigger a tax collection obligation

Physical presence in another state can be established in unexpected ways, especially when employees or independent contractors are involved....Continued

More sales tax holiday madness – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Did any retailers blink and miss the recent Massachusetts sales tax holiday?...Continued

After leading the nation in local soda taxes, California bans them – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Is California keeping groceries affordable or soda tax free? ...Continued

2018 sales tax changes: mid-year update

The impact of South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. is important — OK, huge — but it shouldn’t eclipse all other sales tax news. ...Continued

The sales tax holiday state/local tax divide – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Do sales tax holidays apply to state and local sales taxes? Or to one but not the other? Sales tax holidays can complicate compliance more than you might think....Continued

Louisiana’s mind-boggling sales tax system – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Louisiana takes exemptions and reduced rates to a whole new level. ...Continued

August 2018 sales tax holidays

More than a dozen states have sales tax holidays in August 2018, providing a temporary sales and use tax exemption for everything from slippers to guns....Continued

Mississippi and Tennessee sales tax holidays start July 27

Although there are similarities between the upcoming tax-free periods in Mississippi and Tennessee, there are some key differences, too. ...Continued