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Sales and Use Tax

Louisiana sales tax holidays on vacation through June 30, 2025

Louisiana’s Secretary of Revenue has announced the temporary cessation of state sales tax holidays. ...Continued

Missouri localities look to increase use tax collections, July 2018

Numerous tax rate changes took effect in Missouri on July 1, 2018. Most involve local use tax....Continued

The Missouri sales tax map, a cartographer’s dream (or nightmare) – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Missouri has approximately 2,200 local tax jurisdictions. Enough said....Continued

New Jersey to offer tax amnesty in 2018

New Jersey is preparing to offer a tax amnesty program to encourage taxpayers with outstanding taxes to pay the taxes they owe....Continued

Louisiana sales tax changes: state rate, exemptions, and tax on remote retailers

New sales tax revenue will help keep Louisiana from tumbling over the fiscal cliff....Continued

New Guam sales tax starts October 2018

To reduce a $67-million shortfall caused by federal tax cuts, lawmakers in Guam have enacted a 2 percent sales tax. ...Continued

The ebb and flow of tax on vessels – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Boats are subject to a surprising number of special sales tax rates and exemptions....Continued

Connecticut taxpayers can get a fresh start with taxes

Connecticut wants taxpayers to know that although unreported taxes don’t go unnoticed, there’s a way for them to “make a fresh start.” ...Continued

The mixed-up taxability of shoes and socks, shipping and handling – Wacky Tax Wednesday

“Shipping and handling” go together like “shoes and socks.” Both pairings transpose the normal order of events. And both can be either taxable, exempt, or sometimes taxable. ...Continued

How real estate giant Zillow handles sales and use tax compliance – Part 2

Scott Peterson of Avalara and Jason Heckel of Zillow continue their discussion of sales tax compliance....Continued