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Sales and Use Tax

California seeks sales tax exemption for video game industry

California lawmakers are considering a sales and use tax exemption for the video game industry. ...Continued

New York: Credit card convenience fees may be taxable

A convenience fee imposed by a New York merchant on a credit card sale is generally considered part of the sales price....Continued

Decoding nexus

Sales tax nexus is the connection between a seller and state that triggers a tax collection obligation for the seller. Different states have different nexus triggers, which complicatea compliance. ...Continued

When not quite tax free is actually sales tax exempt – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Some online retailers have to collect sales tax in Washington; others don't. Either way, some products qualify for a sales tax exemption....Continued

Small Business Week: 5 Sales Tax Facts

Helpful sales tax tips for small businesses, to celebrate Small Business Week. ...Continued

Sales tax exemptions for businesses providing relief after a natural disaster

Wisconsin is one of few states to codify a sales tax exemption for businesses working in disaster recovery....Continued

Did sales tax kill the May Day basket? Wacky Tax Wednesday

Figuring out how sales tax applies to gift baskets is so complex, it may have killed the tradition of gifting May Day baskets....Continued

What is your sales tax auditor thinking?

Discover the most common struggles witnessed by auditors. These insights just might help you avoid similar noncompliance issues at your company....Continued

Texas temporarily exempts emergency supplies April 28–30

More than 15 states are providing more than 25 tax-free periods in 2018. Next up: the Texas Emergency Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday....Continued

Sales tax changes on the docket in New Jersey

Governor Murphy wants to increase the state sales tax rate, tax e-cigarettes, rideshare, and home-share services, and legalize and tax marijuana....Continued