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Sales and Use Tax

Do exempt sales count toward state economic nexus thresholds?

Even businesses that deal primarily in exempt transactions can have new registration requirements as a result of the Wayfair ruling and subsequent state economic nexus laws. ...Continued

How small is small enough to sidestep remote sales tax laws?

Senators from New Hampshire and Oregon would like to restrict how states can tax remote sales....Continued

Why investors care about the state of your tax compliance

Growing companies focus all their energy on exactly that: growth, pushing lesser priorities, like tax compliance, aside to focus on business generating activities. But that may not be the best idea an...Continued

North Carolina to tax more digital property, October 2019

North Carolina has clarified how sales tax applies to certain digital property and other sales....Continued

On lawn mowers and motor vehicles in Missouri – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Agricultural products can be traded to offset the sales tax owed on the purchase of certain motor vehicles in Missouri. Except when they can't....Continued

What’s home rule? How does it affect sales tax?

Sales tax compliance can be extremely challenging in home rule states....Continued

Kansas: Old law imposes new sales tax requirement on remote sellers

All out-of-state sellers making sales into Kansas must register with the department and collect and remit sales tax starting October 1, 2019....Continued

July Roundup: Sales tax laws you need to know

While you focus on your business, we stay on top of legislative and policy changes that can affect your sales tax compliance....Continued

What’s a registered agent? Does your business need one?

Do you need a registered agent in states where you have economic nexus? ...Continued

DC increases sales tax on soft drinks, exempts tampons and diapers, and more

DC is finally exempting diapers and tampons; it's also increasing the tax on soft drinks....Continued