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Sales and Use Tax

Nebraska waives sales tax penalties for remote sellers, sets firm compliance deadline

The Nebraska Department of Revenue is in a generous mood, but it won't last past January 20, 2020....Continued

The trouble with origin sourcing sales tax

Origin-sourcing sales tax can complicate sales tax compliance....Continued

Ohio joins the “End the Pink Tax” revolution

Ohio will soon stop taxing sales of tampons and other feminine hygiene products. ...Continued

Where you need to be registered to get an exemption certificate

Some states don't accept exemption certificates from other states. Some states do. Find out which states accept which certificates under what circumstances in this blog....Continued

Amazon to defend itself “vigorously” from South Carolina assessment on marketplace sales

Like them or not, marketplace facilitator laws help clarify who’s responsible for sales tax collection and remittance....Continued

Can a Louisiana parish hold marketplaces liable for tax on third-party sales?

Who’s responsible for collecting and remitting Jefferson Parish sales tax on marketplace sales? Is it the marketplace facilitator? Or the individual marketplace sellers?...Continued

October Roundup: Sales tax laws you need to know

While you focus on your business, we stay on top of legislative and policy changes that can affect your sales tax compliance....Continued

Can I get a prescription for these diapers? – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Diapers are now exempt from sales tax in North Carolina, but only if purchased with a prescription for use by persons aged three or older....Continued

Marketplace facilitators could soon be responsible for tax on third-party sales in North Carolina

North Carolina's getting closer to making marketplace facilitators liable for tax on their marketplace sales....Continued

New York updates sales tax guidance for marketplace providers

It's hard to keep up with sales tax requirements for remote sellers and marketplace facilitators — especially when tax departments wait months to update their guidelines....Continued