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Sales and Use Tax

Wisconsin provides sales tax rebate for dependent children, sales tax holiday in 2018

A budget surplus means Wisconsin can offer a one-time sales tax holiday and tax rebate for dependent children....Continued

Sales tax compliance is complex and labor-intensive – Wacky Tax Wednesday

The very nature of sales and use tax can make compliance burdensome, even for brick-and-mortar businesses that only sell out of one store. ...Continued

Ensuring success as your business scales: The role of the CFO in technology decisions

Savvy CFOs know consistent communication with the CIO and active participation in evaluating IT solutions that support them are the keys to success....Continued

Adult-use sales tax? Wacky Tax Wednesday

Various types of sales taxes generate revenue for all sorts of specific purposes — which is why New Jersey's proposed adult-use sales tax is so intriguing....Continued

Florida to provide two sales tax holidays in 2018

Florida will provide two sales tax holidays in 2018: one for disaster preparedness supplies and one for clothing and school supplies August 3–5, 2018. ...Continued

Québec wants to tax Netflix, other non-resident streaming companies

Less than two years after then Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper likened taxing Netflix streaming services to a horror movie, Québec is seeking to tax sales of digital streaming services by forei...Continued

April 2018 sales tax rate changes

April kicks off a new quarter with a hat tip to fools and a host of sales and use tax rate changes. ...Continued

To tax more? Or to tax less? Wacky Tax Wednesday

While some states look to broaden sales tax, others look to carve out more exemptions. ...Continued

Florida, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin step closer to offering sales tax holidays in 2018

Fifteen states are known to be offering sales tax holidays in 2018. Florida, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin may join them....Continued

Remote sales tax legislation cut from spending bill

Congressional efforts to enact remote sales tax legislation before the Supreme Court of the United States rules on the issue crumbled when the omnibus spending bill was enacted without inclusion of th...Continued