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Sales and Use Tax

Alabama to offer tax amnesty starting July 1

Starting July 1, Alabama will offer a short-term sales tax amnesty program to encourage taxpayers to pay their delinquent taxes....Continued

When bathing your pet is a medical necessity – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Pet bathing services are taxable in some states. In others, taxability may hinge on the reason for the bath or type of bath provided. ...Continued

Alabama to exempt bullion, June 2018

On June 1, 2018, Alabama will become the 37th state to exempt sales of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion....Continued

Why mealtimes are more taxing for non-cooks – Wacky Tax Wednesday

The less you cook, the more likely you are to pay sales tax on the food you eat. ...Continued

Is your business prepared for what could be the end of tax-free shopping?

How would your business fare if tax-free shopping were to end? Are you prepared to collect and remit sales tax in all states?...Continued

Iowa governor proposes taxing online sales, digital goods, other services

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has introduced a sweeping tax reform proposal to extend sales tax to remote sales, digital goods, and services. ...Continued

An unusual pairing in South Dakota: the higher the remote sales tax revenue, the lower the tax on food – Wacky Tax Wednesday

What does South Dakota's sales tax rate on food have to do with the amount of sales tax revenue collected and remitted by remote sellers? More than you might think....Continued

Online sales tax legislation introduced in Missouri

The Missouri Legislature is considering an economic nexus bill similar to the South Dakota law being reviewed by the Supreme Court of the United States....Continued

New Hampshire firm in its opposition to interstate internet sales tax

Gov. Sununu vows to fight "this outrageous attempt to force New Hampshire's businesses to collect out of state taxes."...Continued

Taking Valentine’s Day gifts outside the box – Wacky Tax Wednesday

If you buy a gift for you Valentine, you they like it. If you're the seller, you hope you get tax right....Continued