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Small Business

The small business owner and cryptocurrency

Being able to integrate cryptocurrency into your business can be a great way to set yourself apart from other businesses and attract new customers. But, make sure to do your research before diving in....Continued

Do I need to charge sales tax on my services?

Do you know whether your service is subject to sales tax? It’s a good idea to check in every state where you do business, because laws vary....Continued

Sales tax, income tax, and use tax: What are the main differences?

Here’s a quick primer you might find helpful whether you’re just getting your business started, you’re making changes, or you simply want a refresher....Continued

A Cyber Holiday Checklist

Checklist: Get psyched for cyber holidays: Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and more....Continued

Should you be charging sales tax on more than just your products?

Do you need to charge tax on more than just your product? What about things like shipping, or gift packaging? Depending on the state, those might be taxable, too....Continued

Another record-setting Prime Day

Small and midsize businesses were among the biggest beneficiaries of Prime Day; those companies did sales of well over $1 billion....Continued

Starting a business? Here are 3 sales tax mistakes to avoid.

Here are three sales tax mistakes a lot of small business owners make when they’re first starting out (and in some cases, even after they’ve been up and running for years)....Continued

Is your small business prepared? 4 tips for surviving an economic downturn

Would you be ready if conditions took a turn for the worse? It’s time to start thinking about ways to help your business survive — and maybe even thrive — when the economy isn’t as robust as it is now...Continued

How to handle sales tax for small businesses — registering, collecting, and filing

Let’s take a look at the basic steps for complying with sales tax laws....Continued

Sales tax records: What do you need to keep?

Keeping good records will help you avoid (or at least be prepared for) issues — including the dreaded audit....Continued