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Small Business

Small businesses in a post–South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. world

South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. is a big case with a big impact, so let’s talk about what you should know as a small business. ...Continued

Where does my small business need to pay and file sales tax?

If you have nexus in a state, you need to collect sales tax and file returns according to that state’s requirements. But how do you know?...Continued

New to FBA? This checklist can help you get going.

These useful tips, from business experts and sellers with real-world experience, can help you save time, frustration, and maybe even money....Continued

9 ways to attract millennial and Gen. Z holiday shoppers

Understanding what makes this new age of shoppers tick will help you better cater to them. Read on for 9 tips to draw millennial and Gen. Z holiday shoppers to your store....Continued

How to get more reviews — without breaking Amazon rules

How can you get more reviews for your items while remaining in Amazon’s good graces? Let’s take a look....Continued

7 holiday sales tax sins

Some common sales tax sins have potentially devastating consequences. ...Continued

Nexus and the holidays: 3 drop shipping scenarios you should know about

Drop shipping can facilitate order fulfillment — and complicate sales tax compliance — at any time of year, but especially during the busy holiday season. ...Continued

Starting a business? Here’s a helpful checklist.

There are plenty of resources available to help you take the right steps, make the right decisions, and give your new business the right foundation....Continued

What’s a tax lien — and what does it mean for your small business?

We’ve gathered all of the information you need to know about tax liens and how they can affect your small business....Continued

Economy, profits have small business owners feeling optimistic

The Small Business Optimism Index of the National Federation of Independent Business reached its highest level ever in April 2018. ...Continued