Shedding light on the sales tax issues and news impacting your business.

Insights from industry experts

5 tips to get started on collecting sales tax

Are you asking yourself, “Sales tax? Where do I even start?” Here’s how, in five steps that’ll get you headed in the right direction.

3 things your small business should automate

There are more tools than ever to make your life easier and make your business stronger.

Sales tax basics

What you need to know about the world of sales tax — and how you fit into it.


Everything you wanted to know about sales tax nexus but were too afraid to ask

The rundown on what comprises your sales tax footprint and how to figure it all out.

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2018 Sales Tax Changes

All the major trends in the sales tax landscape impacting you and your business this year — and beyond.

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Debunking 4 myths about voluntary disclosure agreements

Get a clear understanding of VDAs —  what they are and what they aren’t.

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What economic nexus means for your remote sales

Selling into multiple states impacts various parts of your business, including your sales tax footprint.

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What is nexus?

Learn the basic concepts behind nexus and your company's relationship with tax jurisdictions.
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Sales tax vs. use tax vs. consumer use tax

Confused about all these transaction tax types? Here’s the difference.

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What is my tax profile?

Learn how the various components of sales tax work together to determine what you should charge on transactions.

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Sales tax management

Help keep your small business on the path to sales tax success.

What happens when you collect (but don't remit) sales tax

If you’ve found yourself in this camp, here are three ways to approach untangling the mess.

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Top 5 mistakes that small businesses make with sales tax rates

The world of sales tax is difficult — avoid these common small business pitfalls.

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Sales and Use Tax Audits Uncovered

Learn who gets audited, why, and what life looks like post-audit.

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Amazon collecting tax for marketplace sellers in Washington

Under the state’s marketplace fairness law, Amazon must either collect and remit tax or comply with use tax notice and reporting requirements.

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How to register to collect sales tax

Before you collect and remit sales tax, you need to register in the appropriate jurisdictions — learn how.
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What is location-based filing?

Some states require businesses to file a separate return for each location you have in the state.

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Common risks of sales tax compliance

Learn about the specific risks when you’re new to the complex world of collecting and remitting sales tax.

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Small business sales tax solutions

Find an affordable solution that fits your needs today and grows with you tomorrow.

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