What companies know about sales tax compliance

Your company collects and files sales tax. But what do you really know about compliance rules? And how do your sales tax compliance practices stack up?

Most business tasks become easier with practice. Sales and use tax, on the other hand, seems to get more complex and tougher to get right every day. But why?

We commissioned Wakefield Research for answers.

This survey of over 400 finance and accounting professionals explores the sales tax knowledge gap: what tax pros know and don’t know about sales tax compliance and — more importantly — what your peers are doing to keep up with ever-changing tax rules.

If you have questions about sales tax rules, compliance, and best practices, this report is for you.

Discover how businesses like yours manage sales and use tax compliance:

What are common misconceptions about sales tax audits?
Take a look at how companies think audits work then compare with the experience of pros who have gone through the process.

What creates nexus?
94 percent of survey respondents have misconceptions around what creates nexus. See what most professionals get wrong.


How many pros does it take to change a tax rule?
Companies surveyed have increased staffing — from four to six since 2014 — for tax compliance-related activities. We explore why.

Who is using the right tools and processes for the job?
In a digital world, many companies still manage sales tax processes manually. Learn if your process is on the cutting edge — or barely cutting it.


What are the best practices to effectively manage sales tax today?
We’ll share tips to bring your sales and use tax compliance practices into the modern age.


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