Managing sales tax for Software and SaaS

Learn how growth affects state sales tax compliance for software and SaaS companies

Your software company is growing — and so is the risk of unexpected sales tax nexus. As your company expands people, products, and services into new markets, are you on a collision course with sales tax issues that can impede your growth plans?

Don’t let sales tax regulations hold you back. In this essential report for software and SaaS companies, we explore common growth activities that may impact your tax obligations and create risk in your business. And we’ll show you why planning for them in advance can help your business grow — without growing pains.

Crossing virtual state lines
States are scrambling to update sales tax rules to capture revenue from ecommerce, mobile, and cloud services. We’ll show you what you need to do to stay compliant.

Raising capital
Learn how a sales tax audit can make or break an IPO, VC funding, or other exit strategy.


Selling digital products
Selling cloud-based products? Few states tax digital goods and services in the same way. Learn how to keep up with state-by-state sales tax compliance rules.

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Grow without risk. Read our special report for software and SaaS companies.