Manufacturers and Sales Tax: New Channels, New Rules

Ecommerce is transforming the manufacturing industry. Will sales tax rules hinder your growth?

It’s a fascinating time to work in manufacturing. Innovations like lean production models and digital distribution have opened new channels for growth, from selling directly to consumers across the globe to drop shipping and cloud-based services. But that growth can come at a high price if your growth activities don’t keep pace with ever-changing sales tax rules.

If you manage sales tax compliance in the manufacturing industry, this report is a must-read. We’ll show you the sales tax issues manufacturers confront when entering new channels, and offer essential steps to optimize compliance practices for a new economy where production meets distribution in the global marketplace.

Explore the top sales tax traps for manufacturers, including:

Venturing into ecommerce
Do you sell directly to consumers online? Looking to get started in 2018? See how sales and use tax can affect where and how you engage with customers.


Going global
Ecommerce opens doors to the global marketplace — and a myriad of sales tax complexities. Learn how to navigate the world of tariff codes, customs duties, value added tax, and more.

Selling services
Many manufacturers now sell more services than products. Learn how services from support to cloud-based products are taxed across the U.S. and the challenges of staying compliant.

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