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Tax Compliance Document Management

Sales and use tax, local tax, nexus, drop shipping, product exemptions, entity exemptions, FATCA, Forms W-8, W-9 and 1099. Sales and use tax is complicated business. So are federal withholding forms.

Staying on top of the latest documents and demands in dozens of different states is no easy feat. Do you know when to charge tax and when to accept exemptions? For every customer or vendor? In each jurisdiction where you do business?

Avalara Compliance Document Management does. And we’ve packed the answers to these questions (and others like them) into an array of customizable software solutions.


Automate the sales tax exemption certificate process to lower your audit risk and exposure. Our Retail and eCommerce modules let you easily collect certificates at the point of sale in store and online. And our new CertCapture Mobile Scan App enables your employees to easily collect, validate and securely store certificates using a smartphone or tablet.


Collect and manage Forms W-8 and W-9 from independent contractors, vendors, corporations and foreign persons working in the U.S. Even complex FATCA reporting is simplified.


Easily manage business documents for excise logistics partners. With central storage and direct integration with Avalara Excise tools, ExciseCapture enables you to manage fuel business licenses and exemptions to be compliant.

Make it easy for everyone to keep your organization tax compliant and audit-ready

Avalara’s Compliance Document Management products put all the right forms at your fingertips and ensure tax exemptions are always thoroughly and accurately documented.

Our intuitive software solutions integrate fully with all the latest enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) software and other tax solutions. And they’re not just for tax teams. Anyone can use them to more comfortably collect the correct customer and vendor documentation—credit departments, sales teams and IT included.

  • Collect certificates faster, maintain compliance and ace your next audit
  • Integrate with your CRM, ERP and other tools
  • Generate user logins with varying levels of access
  • Connect directly to your intranet, website, online shopping cart and customer portal
  • Empower your entire team with the latest compliance documents
  • Make it easier than ever for vendors and customers to complete the right forms
  • Significantly reduce your audit liability

Choose from an array of options to customize the solution that’s right for your business. Each one is priced to scale so you have room to grow while paying only for the level of storage you need. No additional investments in security, infrastructure, hardware, licenses needed.

Integrations to make your life easier

Hundreds of third-party integrations allow you to incorporate exemption certificate management right into your current workflows. Sync with business applications that benefit from exemption status information as Avalara CertCapture solicits, collects, verifies, stores and tracks sales tax exemption certificates. From CRMs and ERPs to accounting software and in-house solutions, Avalara CertCapture offers countless integrations.

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