Special Report: 2018 Sales Tax Changes

Are you ready for the sales and use tax trends that will likely impact your business in 2018?

2017 was a big year for sales and use tax, as states took big steps to modernize sales tax rules. In 2018, many businesses will feel the impact of these and even bigger changes expected throughout the year ahead. Will your business be affected?

While we can’t predict the future, our 2018 outlook can help you prepare for sales tax trends that will likely have a ripple effect across businesses, from online sellers to service providers, manufacturers to software companies.

Catch up with a recap on 2017, then get a preview of what to expect as states zero in on marketplace sellers, consumer use tax reporting, and remote sellers without a physical presence. If you collect and remit sales or use taxes, consider this an essential read to stay compliant in 2018.

Get expert insights for what to expect in 2018, including:

State efforts to tax market
Amazon now collects tax on all Washington state marketplace sales. Which states will follow suit in 2018?


Consumers’ use tax reporting
Will 2018 mark the end of “tax-free” shopping? Learn how states may force retailers to report customers who owe use tax on purchases.


A reversal of Quill v. North Dakota
The U.S. Supreme Court may vote to overturn the landmark remote seller compliance ruling, clearing the path for states to impose sales tax on out-of-state sellers.

… plus, a recap of changes in 2017 and other trends to watch, including sales taxes on candy and soda, exemptions on “essential” products like diapers and tampons, vehicle taxes on bicycles, and more.

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See the trends that could shape your business in 2018.

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