Subject to sales tax: A new reality for the services sector

How to stay compliant as states shake up sales tax rules for service businesses

For years, many services were exempt from sales tax. The tide is starting to turn as states look for ways to bring in more revenue — before long, exemption may soon be an exception to the sales tax rule.

In this essential report for service companies, we look at how states are extending sales tax to a broader base of services, and what it means for your business. We also share common growth strategies that can create headaches when it comes to transaction tax requirements and why it might be time to rethink your compliance practices.

Understand how growth activities can impact sales tax compliance, including:

Entering new markets
Growth-related business activities can lead to sales tax nexus in more states — from adding new locations to adding remote staff, or even taking your business online.

Going digital
Digital services offer huge opportunities for growth, but can overwhelm financial staff when it comes to complying with tax rules. Learn how to get a handle on tax processes as you grow.

Serving a niche market
The service industry was founded on innovation. Tax policies? Not so much. Explore the challenges of sales tax compliance for new or niche services where no tax precedence currently stands.

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