Surviving a Sales Tax Audit

Ease the stress of your next audit with our comprehensive survival guide

Is a sales and use tax audit in your future? Most likely, yes. The stress and time investment associated with an audit, on the other hand, can be entirely optional.

Surviving an audit is all about taking preemptive steps. With some advanced planning, you’ll be ready to roll out the welcome mat the day the Department of Revenue knocks on your door.

We’ve partnered with the tax compliance experts at Windward Tax to help you prepare for that inevitable sales and use tax audit. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you why audits happen, walk through the steps of a typical audit, and share tips to create an action plan complete with negotiation points to help get the best outcome possible.

Get answers to your sales and use tax audit questions, such as:

Why was my company selected for an audit?
Explore seven reasons you may be targeted for an audit that are outside of your control.

What should we expect from an audit?
Learn the steps of an audit and what you’ll need, from the formal request for information to assessments and appeals.

What can we do to minimize our audit assessment?
Learn how to perform a reverse audit with purchasing and sales checklists to identify areas to review.

Should we hire outside help?
Pinpoint conditions that warrant hiring a tax professional, and the qualifications to look for.


What should we do after an audit?
You survived the audit. Now it’s time to optimize your sales and use tax compliance process. We’ll show you how.

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