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Managing Exempt Sales During the Rise of Economic Nexus

If you sell products or services that are exempt from sales tax, your compliance challenges and audit risk can be more complex and burdensome. In the event of a sales tax audit, you must prove that your exempt sales are backed by valid documentation. 

Exemption Certificates for Sales Tax Compliance

Achieving sales tax compliance in today’s complex environment is no easy feat. There are changing rates to calculate, evolving requirements to monitor and a wide array of exemption certificates to manage. Companies must handle every step correctly, and each one is riddled with potential pitfalls. 

5 Steps for Managing Compliance with Exempt Sales

When it comes to managing and properly documenting exempt sales — including sales for resale — it isn’t easy. However, getting it right is crucial for success. As your business evolves your sales tax obligations may also change or expand, impacting the requirements for documenting when and why a transaction might be exempt from sales tax.

Exemption Certificate Survival Guide

The inevitable confusion regarding tax-free sales isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a sales tax survivor to get it right. With the right game pieces, players, and equipment in place, however, even the most challenged can succeed.

How to Keep Tax-Exempt Customers Happy

Every month, shoppers buy some $400 billion worth of goods from American retailers. Many of those consumers are exempt from paying sales tax in certain transactions: teachers buying school supplies, government employees funding diplomatic missions, nonprofit workers purchasing items for fundraising events, and drop ship suppliers accepting orders for resale ... 

The Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Audit Handbook

Most companies aren’t just at risk of being audited. Many are far less prepared for such an event than anyone at the organization realizes. As state audits become more frequent and auditors are less lenient than they may have been in years past, all those documents you spent so much time collecting and storing may not have the complete and correct information necessary to prove compliance under audit .

Exemption Certificate Management Best Practices


Sales tax exemption certificates are complicated, but managing them does not have to be. Many companies are burdened with manual processes that are inefficient, often inaccurate, and ultimately impact the bottom line.

In this webinar, you will learn how to best manage your exemption certificates for long-term cost-saving results.

  • Common exemption certificate process mistakes and red flags
  • Potential disasters from exemption certificate mismanagement
  • Steps to improve the process for your company
  • Best ways to manage certificate expirations and renewals
  • How software can streamline the exemption certificate management process

Two sales tax experts will share their advice during this fact-filled discussion.

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