Daren Toy

Revenue Accountant at Apex Learning, Inc.

We have over 6000 clients and customers; we deal with school districts and government entities that have a lot of exemption certificates.  Keeping track of that as a single revenue accountant – you can imagine that’s one big project.

We have very few finance and accounting people in our organization. So to automate the sales transaction process will increase our efficiency and we’ll be able to use our resources to better serve our customers and clients.  So it’s an easy, quick tool that we feel is worthy of the cost.

We’d have to hire more employees if we were going to do it in-house instead of automating it. Overall, cost-wise, it’s a great decision to use Avalara.

Avalara AvaTax University actually teaches a lot about sales tax and use tax, so it’s really an educational product as well – it’s not just a resource to have them do the work for you. They actually take you on and teach you something.  So it’s beneficial both ways.

Avalara AvaTax is a great service to use if you want to efficiently maximize your time. Just the support and the user interface and the website itself.  Customer service is always there for you so if you have any problems you’re able to talk to them.

If you have other commitments and other priorities besides sales tax to focus on, you might as well use a really resourceful tool and a network that’s nationwide if not worldwide. Avalara AvaTax is just great; a great service that I recommend to colleagues and clients.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Daren Toy is a revenue accountant and works out of the Seattle headquarters.


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