Charles Best

Chief Financial Officer at BlackLine Systems, Inc.

We outsource much of our corporate IT infrastructure requirements. We run on a cloud-based environment and so do the users of our products. I believe in cloud-based applications because they put in processes and efficiencies that are scalable and can help businesses grow. 

I realized we needed more robust sales and use tax capabilities. I thought there’s got to be a more complete solution out there. So I started looking around and found Avalara. 

Avalara offers a full turnkey solution. The only thing I had to do was reconcile the data in my billing application to what was in Avalara. Then Avalara does the rest. 

We’re using Avalara because we’re growing rapidly and we’re looking at managing our growth with a highly scalable solution. 

Avalara takes away the administrative nightmares because it manages everything and it does all of it well. 

If you’re not thinking in terms of technology that can run and scale your business, you’re being terribly inefficient and not cost-effective. 

I’m not an IT whiz and I’ve led every implementation. Financial cloud-based tools have been designed and architected for CFOs, controllers and others who are not IT-savvy. 

Avalara has perfected a very specific niche of a process and they’ve done it very well. You can get so much information in so many different ways, there’s no reason to do it in any other application.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Charles Best is the company's Chief Financial Officer.


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BlackLine Systems, Inc.

BlackLine Systems provides SaaS solutions that automate the financial close process and improve financial controls for businesses of all sizes. With headquarters in Los Angeles and offices in Atlanta, Chicago, London, Melbourne, New York and Sydney to serve its growing global client base, BlackLine has strategic plans to continue to expand nationally and internationally.

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