Tony DiCostanzo

President at BookPal

With our previous platform, there was very little distinction between how taxes were computed versus the way the system accommodated jurisdictions. It was quite a labor- intensive process at the end of each month to get that sorted out so we could report taxes accurately.

The Gorilla Group helped us re-platform from our old ERP system to Magento Enterprise while building a completely new website for us. When they recommended Avalara AvaTax, we looked into it and saw that it fit our criteria. The fact that it came so highly recommended from Gorilla carried a lot of weight. The way Magento ties into AvaTax means we don’t have to worry about business decisions impacting our ability to keep up with the tax burden.

There are too many complexities with the way sales tax is determined on a localized and product-specific basis. It just makes sense to automate. To me, it’s a no-brainer.

With e-books, we shift from being a wholesaler to an agent making a sale on behalf of the publisher. It’s their jurisdiction but we need to collect the taxes. We would never have been able to do that without the AvaTax framework.

We wanted to future-proof our business, since there’s a lot of discussion about national sales tax legislation that may require online customers to report sales across various states whether they have jurisdictions there or not. If that becomes law, AvaTax gives us the ability to flip a switch and be compliant.

Avalara AvaTax has freed up so much time. In manual processing alone, AvaTax saves us 10 to 15 hours on a quarterly basis.

We’re a growing business not only in terms of sales, but also regionally. Sales tax becomes exponentially more convoluted as we add jurisdictions. With AvaTax, we now have a whole-country solution to the sales tax problem.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Tony DiCostanzo serves as BookPal’s president and operates out of its head office in Southern California.


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