Jeff Weimer

CPA at Brokk, Inc.

Sales tax is a nightmare. We tried doing it ourselves internally and had a person working half time – 20 hours a week – filling out tax returns. It was a mess. A nightmare. And then, of course, the rates change and all kinds of issues come up and it becomes a very costly process.

Number 1, it had to get automated to save money. Number 2, it had to get automated to save time.

Automation’s a no-brainer. If you have multi-state sales tax issues, hands down, it’s a no-brainer. You’ve just got to automate it. Then it’s a matter of who you automate it with.

So we tried a competing service and it didn’t work. It worked to a fashion, but we got a lot of notices and other issues cropped up and that’s when we switched to Avalara AvaTax. Now 2011 is clean, so that one’s good. But 2010 and prior (to Avalara AvaTax) – well, we’re still dealing with those issues. But they’ll get resolved. We’re working them down one by one.

I’ve had great service – really excellent service. No complaints here at all.

Like I say, it’s relieved my mind big time. If anything goes wrong it’s my fault. So the buck stops here and I get to pass it along to Avalara. I kinda like that process.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Jeff Weimer is Brokk, Inc’s outside CPA who assists the company in accounting processes and workflows.


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