Graham Jackson

Web Marketing Supervisor at Case Logic

When I heard that there were thousands of taxing jurisdictions in the United States, we quickly realized we needed a solution that would help us automate the process.

We looked around for a couple of other solutions, but Avalara Avatax seemed to be the market leader. So we approached Avalara and they provided a solution to all our challenges.

As far as integration, we used SDK. That went pretty darned smoothly; we didn’t run into any issues. In fact, it ran a lot more smoothly than some of our other implementations from a software perspective. My developers had very few questions.

The Avalara Avatax sales person we worked with was very helpful in walking us through the process. He scared us a little bit as far as the complications and the challenges in collecting and remitting sales tax, but he ultimately showed us how simple and easy it was to use Avalara AvaTax and the Avalara software.

Customer service has been pretty great. Our account manager as well as our implementation coordinator really helped us out.

We’re quite satisfied with the help we’ve gotten from Avalara. They walk us through any new scenarios which we may have been previously unfamiliar with. We’ve asked questions; they’re quick to respond. 

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
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