Jeff Marr

Chief Financial Officer at Colter Peterson

Before Avalara, it was always a pain.  It was a lot of work.  You had to pull through everything, and then go online and fill out … all the forms, including California where you have the front part and the back part, and it would never match.

Every time a form comes in, it’s scanned.  It’s put into queue.  We file it, and Avalara stores it for us.  When I got audited in California, it was a simple matter of running the list and pulling them off.

Now, instead of spending a day or two each month just to take care of the tax returns, I spend an hour, hour and a half, and I’m finished.  I’m done.

Where before AvaTax, it was a struggle to find all our exemption forms, this time it was easy … it was completely flipped.  Basically, the auditor ran out of stuff to do.  He had everything.  Here’s your files.  Here’s your information.  Here’s all my returns.  Here’s all my reports, and anything he asked, it was easy to go back and pull up.

You know, four years ago, what I knew about sales tax was not really a lot. I was aware there were different rates in different places. Now, since then, between the training, the events, the different things I’ve attended, I’ve become sort of a junior expert on sales tax.

Take the A to Z Training your first year, then drop your level of support to the bottom — because you’re not going to need it. You’re not going to need to talk to them.
It’s just going to work.

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Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Jeff Marr works as Colter Peterson’s Chief Financial Officer and operates out of the company’s New Jersey headquarters.


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