Bernie Garduno

Sales Tax Manager at CROCS

We were trying to manually figure out the rates for approximately 145 retail locations on a monthly basis. So we would go out to state websites and if there was a tax rate change, we would have to go into the system and tell the POS team, “Change this rate on this date.” And then we’d have to test it.  

We were growing as a company and in retail locations when we decided it was time to update our logic and have an automated system that would calculate the rates for that retail location for us.

My primary concerns were: Who was Avalara? How were they calculating the rates? How did the software work? How was it going to work for us? What was the implementation going to be like? How was this partnership with Epicor going to work?

We’re about three years into Avalara and AvaTax and it works very well for us in terms of bringing back the product rates that we need for our footwear company. It works really well.

We use Epicor for our retail solution and that’s where we use Avalara AvaTax.

I’m not IT savvy; I manage the dashboard. I know how to get the rates, how to set up the companies, how to set up the product line.

For me, it was pretty seamless. It was a little bit over 30 days for us to get everything up and running. I can tell you from a customer perspective, you’ve helped us and the support that I’ve received has been very good.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Bernie Garduno serves as sales tax manager for the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.


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Crocs manufactures footwear overseas and sells globally, conducting business in all 50 states and every Canadian province.

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