Scott Vogel

CFO at David Yurman Corp.

We also needed a system that could tackle state-by-state issues quickly, easily and accurately.

On a cost-benefit basis, Avalara AvaTax offered the best service and solution at the best price.

Avalara AvaTax takes the guesswork out of our retail sales tax collection, payment and reporting function.

The pinpoint accuracy we get with Avalara AvaTax is impressive. It isn’t just zip code + 4, like many other solutions offered. Avalara AvaTax breaks everything into specific jurisdictions and target areas.

Because our processes are now 100% accurate, we sleep better at night knowing that we’re in compliance. Avalara AvaTax eliminates any potential for manual mistakes.

Where we used to spend hours researching and updating information manually, Avalara AvaTax updates everything for us automatically. It’s saving us a tremendous amount of time and hassle.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Scott Vogel serves as the company’s chief financial officer and is based in its New York City headquarters.


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David Yurman Corp.

David Yurman Corp. designs luxury jewelry for upscale companies, selling through wholesale and retail channels.

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