Adam Litvack

Ecommerce Manager at Ganz

Ganz is a wholesale company, while Ganz Interactive houses our estore and Since Webkinz is a kids’ game, it’s heavily regulated. To comply with COPPA* and to separate the game from any sales transactions, we have It’s a complex sales tax operation.

Most of our interactive audience is in the U.S, but our international reach introduces different sales tax and VAT rules for all the jurisdictions. We have our work cut out for us when it comes to sales tax.

Manufacturer uses an ecommerce engine for all of our online transactions. Anything that is purchase—or transaction-related is done through this engine.

Ecommerce engine also covers two types of currency: dollars, which are taxed, and the child-friendly virtual points currency, which is not taxed.

Before introduction of a partnership with Avalara, the manufacturer used a solution that was costly, tedious to maintain and had to be hosted here. It was hard to justify such a large expense for a product that didn’t do what we needed.

Avalara is a cloud-based solution that we don’t have to constantly update and maintain. It’s less of a burden on our system administrators.

The process of implementing Avalara went extremely smoothly. It was nice not to have to build in a middle layer to allow the ecommerce engine and Avalara systems to talk; it was a seamless fit. 

Having Avalara in place allows us the freedom to focus on our business, not on sales tax management or burdensome maintenance. Having a sales tax solution that’s automated and takes care of itself is one less thing to worry about.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Adam Litvack oversees the company’s ecommerce business and operates out of its head office near Toronto, Ontario.


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Ganz is a manufacturer of giftware, home décor items and plush toys, that also sells goods and services through interactive website with games, memberships, and affiliated products to youth markets.

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