Tim Muller

CEO at George Street Photo & Video

Everything in this industry is based off of packaging; bundling the tangible items with service. In some markets, sales tax is only assessed on the material goods. But in others, it’s across the board.

By the time we opened up our eighth market, sales tax was just a nightmare. There was no way we could accurately keep track of all of the jurisdictions. It required too much money paying our accountant and our legal team to make sure we were compliant. We really had to do something.

We needed something that all of our sales consultants who were generating contracts through Salesforce could easily access. So we went on a hunt and found Avalara.

We have a product database in Salesforce that integrates with the product codes in Avalara AvaTax. So every time we generate a contract in Salesforce, whatever the current tax rate is will apply to that product. And we don’t have to think about it.

Avalara AvaTax interfaces extremely well with Salesforce. Now our sales consultants just add the product to the contract like they always have and Avalara does its thing in the background. It’s fantastic.

Sales tax management adds one more level of complication to an already complicated proposition: running a company. It does nothing for your bottom line, so spend as little time, money and resources as possible managing it. That’s what Avalara allows you to do.

Avalara AvaTax is a good price and it makes you not have to think about sales tax, which is wonderful. Life’s a lot easier now.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Tim Muller is one of the company’s founders and serves as its CEO, working out of its Chicago headquarters.


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George Street Photo & Video

George Street Photo & Video provides journalistic-style wedding photography and videography services, packaging digital files and prints with its creative offerings. The company engages a team of sales consultants and photographers who operate nationally.

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