Inovonics finds “complete package” with Avalara

Wireless technology provider gains confidence, peace-of-mind with Avalara’s Sales Tax Suite 

Stats at a Glance

  • Tax Challenges
    - Compliance risk
    - Manual, time-consuming processes 

  • Business Systems
    - Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Results
    - Confident compliance
    - Streamlined processes


Founded in 1986, Inovonics pioneered and patented the use of 900 MHz wireless technology to deliver the most reliable, cost-effective, and flexible solutions for critical wireless applications. The company provides the wireless backbone for many of the world’s most widely used wireless systems—more than ten million Inovonics wireless devices have been deployed in challenging commercial environments, where structural limitations and multiple wireless networks can disrupt lesser-quality systems.

The vast majority of Inovonics’ sales are to tax-exempt distributors across the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and the European Union. 

Piecing it together

Like many companies who deal primarily with distributors, Inovonics had assumed that their only nexus obligations were in states where employees were based. To ensure proper compliance a nexus study was completed and Inovonics quickly began to file in 14 additional states on top of the existing 6.

It didn’t take long for them to realize that NAV, for all of its powerful benefits, was not the best tool for this job.

“You really have to stay on top of all your rates,” says Andrea Riviezzo, the company’s controller, “and you have to do all the filing yourself.”

On top of that, certificate management was still a complex problem. “If you have a drop shipment and you put the certificate ID on a customer card, it flows through to wherever they are drop shipping,” Andrea explains. “So, if they’re exempt in California but not in New Jersey, you’ve created issues there as well.”

To better manage these challenges, Inovonics started searching for a comprehensive solution. Inovonics needed a solution that would automate the collection of accurate taxes on all its sales, the tax filing in 20 states, and the management of its exemption certificates.

After consulting with a trusted advisor, Inovonics wasted no time in selecting Avalara for the job. “We just ripped the Band-Aid off,” laughs Andrea. “We went with all three immediately.” 

Along with Avalara AvaTax for accurate tax calculation, the company uses Avalara CertCapture to automate the collection, storage, management, and renewal of its exemption certificates—a critical compliance challenge for its distributor model—and Avalara Returns to prepare and file its returns automatically.

Peace of Mind

Andrea measures Avalara, in part, by the time and peace-of-mind it gives her team. “I don’t worry about sales tax at all now,” she says. “If we turn on fifteen more states tomorrow, we wouldn’t have to worry about a single thing. We upload all of our certificates, and it’s all managed. And if somebody’s on vacation or out of the office, we know we won’t miss filing deadlines."

“The biggest thing Avalara offered us was a complete package,” says Andrea, “so we didn’t have to piece it together. And at the same time, they had the professional services to help us gather those certificates and validate them from the get-go. Anything we needed for sales tax, Avalara had it.”

“I love using the product,” she says,” and it’s a fun company to work with.”


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Avalara Sales Tax Suite

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Avalara AvaTax

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Avalara Returns

Handles monthly sales and use tax filing, payments, and notice management.

Avalara CertCapture

Helps businesses collect, store, track, and utilize exemption certificates.

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