Michelle Segars

Business Manager at Integra Technologies International, Inc.

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We used to have a tax accountant on staff. When she left for another job, we decided to look at our options. We found that AvaTax makes it so we don’t need an extra employee.

We chose Avalara based on the fact that it interacts with QuickBooks and there were good online reviews from other customers about that interaction. It’s always worked perfectly for us.

We use Avalara AvaTax and Avalara Returns on a daily basis because we invoice daily. Then we use them when it’s time to file returns in the different states where we
do business.

With Avalara, we don’t have to have someone who specializes in sales tax in all the different states.  We don’t have to worry about audits because we know that we’re taxing our customers correctly. It takes away the worry.

We were recently audited by the State of California. When the auditor learned we have Avalara, we were able to give her all the reports she needed electronically two weeks prior to her visit.  She was only here for an hour and a half. We didn’t suffer any penalties – in fact, we got a credit!

After our audit, we realized we might also benefit from using CertCapture. We’ve gone paperless with all of our other systems, so it would be nice to use a cloud-based solution for this too.

I use the online Dashboard quite a bit. I can see how we’re doing with our different taxes and get a forecast of what our sales tax exposure is going to be in the coming month. It’s very user-friendly.

I would highly recommend Avalara to anyone. It lessens your exposure to audits and to any problems with sales and use tax, and it eliminates the human error. It makes everything easier.

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Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Michelle Segars is Integra’s business manager and works out of its Austin, Texas offices.


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Integra Technologies International, Inc.

Integra Technologies International services and repairs digital imaging equipment and cutters. The company maintains offices in the United States and Canada and has field service engineers stationed across both countries to serve customers.

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