Michael McGinn

Director of Tax Services at Miner Corporation

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Our office is in the same zip code as the grocery store across the street, yet they’re two different tax rates.

[With] Avalara Returns, there was really no implementation. It was just a matter of going online and learning how to use the dashboard.

We’ve done upgrades to our ERP and it was seamless. Basically, I made a phone call, got the guy from Avalara to talk to our IT group and they handled it. It was flawless.

We’ve never once had a customer come back and say, “Your rate is incorrect” or “Your rate was good two years ago but it’s not valid now.” It’s just not something I have to deal with or worry about.

I’ve been doing taxes for 30 years and I’ve spent a great deal of time just doing returns.  It’s something you do every month; you know it’s going to happen and you just spend time filling out paperwork. With Avalara Returns, you reconcile your general ledger to what’s in Avalara AvaTax and you’re done.

You just flip a switch and your sales system calculates the rate for that state. Just check a box and you’re good to go.

Don’t wait ‘til you get audited and get handed a big audit bill. With Avalara, you’re being proactive and you can stay on top of this before the audit happens. The sooner you start, the better off you are.

It’s more efficient than I could do it myself even with 30 years’ experience. It really is an easy process. What I’ve given up is a lot of tedious, mindless work.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Michael McGinn, director of tax services, works out of the company’s San Antonio headquarters.


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