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Controller at Mohawk Rubber Sales

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There was pain and suffering doing returns and updating sales tax with our old system.  We had to update manually, so any time a tax rate changed we’d have to go in and update it.

We couldn’t make any updates prior to the rate change going into effect; we had to wait and do it on the day it went into effect. It was a pain.

As we started growing across the country, we saw a need for a product that would meet our needs. As we brought on new customers and territories, we didn’t have the tax rates in the system.  We’d have to go to the state website, find the rate and put it in our system.  It was a very time consuming and cumbersome process. 

We’ve grown very rapidly over the last five years.  We were principally a Mid-Atlantic company with a little bit of business in the Southeast, and we’re now in all 50 states – including in places like Louisiana and Alabama where there are significant differences in tax rates from county to county, city to city. We needed to have a product that would enable us to set up customers quickly and easily with sales tax.

Avalara was the right solution for us.

The Avalara implementation process went fairly smoothly and the site is easy to work with. 

My advice? Definitely automate. Avalara works well with our IBM platform and it was an easy implementation. Sales tax rates are updated when they need to be and it’s a very simple tool to use. Sales tax runs much easier now.

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Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Leonard McDermott oversees all financial matters from the company’s Massachusetts offices.


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