Susan Smith

Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Natural Health Trends Corp.

Before Avalara, we were collecting sales tax in three states where we had nexus. Then we entered into agreements with states to collect tax on behalf of our distributors.  That put us in almost every state, and that was not something we wanted to take on in-house.

We use Oracle for our financial software but our billing calculation is done using a system we built in-house.  That’s where the AvaTax calculation comes into play.  Our IT group worked with Avalara to put the link together. 

We book the sales tax based on reporting from Avalara. We reconcile that to our general ledger and then Avalara does the return for us. We just review the reports, issue one wire and that takes care of the multitude of taxing jurisdictions across the United States.

With Avalara, we don’t have to manually figure out the tax, rules and rate changes. Since we have nexus in almost every state – wherever we have a distributor – we don’t want to have to keep up with all the taxing rules and prepare individual sales tax returns for all these different jurisdictions.  With Avalara doing that processing and filing, we know it’s correct.

Avalara support has been very good. If you call with questions, they’re good at following up.

If we weren’t using Avalara we’d probably have to hire at least a part-time person to share the burden with the existing staff who are already working on other projects and don’t necessarily have time to keep up with all the individual taxing jurisdictions. 

The process itself is simple to use.  Avalara just makes it very easy to handle sales tax.

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Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Susan Smith serves as director of financial planning and analysis and is based in the company’s American headquarters in Dallas, Texas.


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