Keith Hill

Controller at nora systems, Inc.

We were looking at server-based solutions because that’s what we were used to, but we ran into some issues. Our global head of IT was the only person who could manually update all of our tax tables on our server, and he is based in Germany. That was not a situation we wanted to continue with.

When we realized Avalara was cloud-based, it was much more attractive to us.  Getting off the server-based engine was appealing.

Avalara is very productive, very proactive and responds very clearly and cleanly to our questions.  That won us over.

We were pleasantly surprised at the difference in cost.  We thought we’d spend more, when in fact we ended up spending less. It was much more economical to deal with Avalara’s cloud-based technology. 

With AvaTax, we have an immediate tax database available for us on the spot.  When we were server-based we would sometimes have to wait a day or more and we were never certain if the databases were updated correctly because of the manual process.

We need CertCapture because we used to do that manually and the timing issue is very critical.  It makes us much more confident that we will have up-to-date certification information so we can bill right the first time, not have to re-bill, credit again, re-bill again, etc. 

We had every intention of filing and paying our own returns but when we saw how cleanly Returns can perform that function at a minimal cost, we had no problem whatsoever in asking Avalara to do that on our behalf. 

We’re pleased to be spending less to get a much improved technology and a much more participative partner. Everything’s worked out perfectly.

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Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Keith Hill serves as the U.S. controller for nora systems, and works out of the Salem, New Hampshire offices.


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nora systems, Inc. is the U.S. arm of German-based nora systems GmbH, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial rubber floor covering systems.

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