Julian Henderson

IT Manager at Northwest Shipping Room Supply

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We have 40 employees. So it’s not large, but we do a large volume of transactions.

We were up and running the first day, basically, so I don’t think we ever looked back.

It works for us. Every company has different applications, but I think (anyone) will be pleased with the product that Avalara is offering.

We have over 5000 customers and we deliver all over Washington, so the tax rate has to be right.

Sometimes the tax rate for one company on this side of the street is different from the other. So it’s very helpful for accounting that Avalara took over that process for us.

The law changes and the tax changes depending on the point of delivery. So to have someone actually look at every sheet to validate the address changes, the tax code, the updated tax changes … we’d need a staff of 20 to do what Avalara does for us.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Julian Henderson is the IT manager and works from the Seattle headquarters.


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