Peter Fortenbaugh

Tax Manager at Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

The glass side of our business used to use another sales tax software product, but we needed something that could supply the rates and also make that call whether the customer was exempt or taxable in that state and return what was needed from the system with the information we passed to it.

When our metal products division switched to Epicor, we did too. AvaTax was the automatic connector to that system. So we’ve been using it since 2009.

AvaTax works well with the tax rates and keeping things up. It makes sure we’ve got everything that needs to be in there, and it calculates everything correctly.

Implementation went very smoothly and the day-to-day use goes very well.  It does exactly what we need it to do to calculate the taxes.  As far as the reporting, which is where we get a lot of our data to send to the third party that files our returns, we’ve had no problems at all using AvaTax.

If you’re looking to automate, Avalara’s a great way to do it.  It connects very well with any ERP system. 

We’re currently looking at bringing the rest of our business over to Avalara.  Once that’s done, it should make my life as the tax manager a lot easier.

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Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Peter Fortenbaugh is tax manager at Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope, where he oversees the company’s taxable transactions occurring in 49 U.S. states and throughout Canada. He works in the company’s Dallas, Texas office.


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