Kenny Davies

Co-founder of Peak at Peak

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Check out Avalara. The time you’re spending on filing is valuable time you could be spending on things that are way more important, way more lucrative, and way more helpful to you as a business owner.

Sales tax used to be a nightmare. We have four different brands, and we were trying to do it manually. I put my wife in charge of finances, so she ended up largely being the one to take care of sales tax. She was very, very unhappy, and very stressed, and hating it.

The amount of time we have saved, and the frustration that it has saved us using your services, is outstanding. Look: happy wife, happy life.

If I could rewind time knowing what I know now, probably within six to eight months of starting our business, I would have signed up with Avalara.

We went from zero to a million dollars a year in revenue. It got to a point where it was costing us money to spend that time doing sales tax filings ourselves. When you’re trying to build a business, you’re trying to factor in: what’s your time worth?

TrustFile hasn’t just saved us money. It hasn’t just saved us time. It’s actually made us money, because we’ve been able to spend that extra time building our company and increasing our sales.

We’ve been able to spend that time on things like social media, building our social media followings, doing commercial campaigns and ads to expand our business.

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Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Kenny Davies is the cofounder of Peak, working from his home in the greater Los Angeles area.


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Peak and its affiliated brands sell a range of products, including cosmetics, shoe trees, and educational toys, making sales to customers all over the United States.

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