Mike Foreman

Senior Credit Analyst at PrimeSource Building Products, Inc.

We distribute building products to retailers and wholesalers such as Home Depot, mom-and-pops, Ace Hardware and co-ops.  We sell nationwide in the U.S. and on up into Canada. And we have thousands of SKUs.

When we maintained our own certificates, it was very time consuming. You have to know the laws, what forms to use and when they’re due for every state. Having somebody doing that on their own would cost more than just using Avalara as our sales tax arm. 

Now we use CertCapture for our sales tax exemption certificates. We have about 15,000 active customers at any time. Since we started using Avalara, we have about 83,000 certs that we’ve gone through so far. It goes very well. It saves us the bother of organizing all those certificates.

With CertCapture, all the certificates are kept in one place and they’re validated. The biggest thing for us is obtaining certificates for new customers. When certificates expire, we get new ones and send them in, and they’re put into the data base.

During a tax audit, we’re easily able to recall the documents we need. We can give a disk to the auditors or we can give them access to the system. It’s really a one-stop shop for us.

Integrating CertCapture into SAP went fairly well. Like any system, there’s a learning curve. But once you’re over that hump, it’s faster.

CertCapture gives us a lot of confidence when auditors come from different states because we perform a pre-audit every month using the tool Avalara gives us. We’re not worried about our certificates expiring because we’ve already addressed it.

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Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Mike Foreman serves as senior credit analyst and oversees all PrimeSource accounts. He is based in the company’s global headquarters in Irving, Texas.


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PrimeSource Building Products, Inc. is an international distributor of building materials serving residential and industrial new construction and remodeling markets.

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