Tom Ott

Sales Manager at Proceq USA, Inc.

We thought we had a good handle on sales taxes until we were examined in detail by one of the states where we do business.

Even though we’re part of a larger company, our North American operation is essentially a small business. We don’t want to dedicate too many resources to manually calculate taxes and continually research the latest tax rules.

When we were doing things manually, trying to determine the proper tax rate was difficult. Different areas of each state have varying tax rates, even within the same zip code. Sometimes you have a half-percent difference right across the street ... so it’s not always clear what the accurate rate is for each customer and transaction.

We started looking for an automated solution, but I knew if the sales tax and accounting applications weren’t communicating automatically, we’d have weak spots in the system and plenty of room for error. Integration was a key requirement.

Avalara AvaTax provides us with functionality that competitive products just couldn’t offer. As we enter transactions into our ERP, AvaTax is working in the background and dropping the accurate tax rate right into the invoice. It’s that simple.

We have the peace of mind knowing that Avalara is staying abreast of the latest sales tax changes.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Tom Ott is sales manager for Proceq USA and is based in the company’s American headquarters near Pittsburgh, PA.


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