Eric Conley

Controller at Tidel Engineering

We run a skeleton crew in the accounting department. I’m the controller, plus we have a director of finance and accounting, an AP/AR manager, and one senior accountant. The company is a large international business, but our whole accounting department is only four people. 

Before we had Avalara, our AP/AR manager was filing all the sales tax returns for all the states by hand, and it would take one or two days every month just to do those returns. 

As the company continued to grow, we just didn’t have time for that manual process anymore.  We chose Avalara because the need to automate was there.

There’s always room for human error when you’re doing things manually. The more chance of error we can eliminate by automating, the better for our company.

It’s cheaper for us to use Avalara software than to hire another individual just to process sales tax returns.

I’m not a tax expert, even though I’m a CPA and the company controller. The need for guidance and counsel is always there. As our business changes direction and grows, it creates new issues – especially with changes in litigation and tax.

The Avalara support team is great. I can call and say, “This is our problem and I just need a solution.” They’re very good about cutting to the chase and not inundating me with details.

We needed a software provider that could interact seamlessly with our ERP system so that we wouldn’t have any integration issues.  Avalara directly interfaces with Epicor and we’ve had no issues with the two systems talking to each other. Without Avalara, we’d drown.

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Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Eric Conley oversees all accounting operations as controller at Tidel. He works in the company’s headquarters in Carrollton, Texas.


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Tidel Engineering manufactures equipment for cash security and robbery prevention as well as retail cash management.

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