Connie Seguin

Controller at Twisted Pair Solutions

Once we realized we were going to be doing a direct product instead of a primarily resale product, we realized that we would be selling across the country as well as into foreign countries so we knew that we would have to have some kind of solution to manage the complexities of sales tax.

A lot of ERP systems don’t really capture [sales tax] in a way that makes it easy to do. So it’s spreadsheet hell.

We saw Avalara at at a tradeshow and met all the guys in the orange shirts there. We decided to give you guys a try – your platform seemed to be comprehensive and your cost was reasonable. We chose Avalara CertCapture because [certificates are] a very hard piece to manage. It always seems to fall to the bottom of the list of priorities. But of course, as soon as you’re in an audit situation you’re hanging out there without your certificates and that’s just not going to work.

The implementation was really good. The information provided was very thorough.

It’s also very affordable, which is a really big selling point today as companies are jumping into the market and trying to grow. It gives them a chance to be in compliance right up front from the get-go and not get themselves in trouble.

It makes it easy, it makes it comprehensive and you can make sure that you’re staying in compliance with a lot less hassle. It’s a great product.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Connie Seguin serves as controller and operates out of the global headquarters in Seattle.


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