Jennifer Mesiano

IT Director at Walton Signage

We do business in potentially 5,000 new locations each year. Before Epicor, our accounting department had to research the tax code for every new city, county or state to figure out the tax regulations and rules, not to mention maintenance when the rates change. It was extremely time consuming.

Epicor Tax Connect solved a huge business problem for us, as the accounting department spent 10 to 12 hours a week on tax code research.

Epicor Tax Connect automatically calculates our taxes, which reduces the company’s cost of doing business.

Our accounting department can now spend their time on the additional billings we anticipate with the company’s growth instead of spending time on tax code research. Plus, we can process invoices faster and easier.

With Epicor Tax Connect, all our data is in one place. More importantly, it reflects a high degree of accuracy, so it’s easier to manage audits.

We have confidence that we are applying the correct tax rates to our customer billings, minimizing the need for error correction or negative audit assessment.

Integrating with our ERP system was simple and seamless.

After all of the tax codes were put in correctly, we tested the system to make sure it was assessing everything accurately and we haven’t had to do anything since.

The system is extremely user-friendly. It has helped bridge a huge gap in the way we invoice and tax sales.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Jennifer Mesiano runs the company’s IT operations from its San Antonio, Texas headquarters.


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