Alexis Rozis

Tax Accountant at Watchguard Technologies

When we started talking to Avalara and seeing what the system could do, we felt that with the business growing and with the states getting so strict and more detail-oriented on what they wanted us to pay taxes on, we felt that it would really benefit us to get it automated.

We felt since we were growing, Avalara was sort of growing in a similar way. And you guys are affordable, so that always helps.

We take pride in making our systems easy for our customers to use. Avalara did the same thing. There’s not just one set thing; there’s lot of different options within your system and we like to do that with ours as well.

My mother is actually a tax accountant as well. I really enjoy it; it’s sort of like a puzzle. Every situation is new and different, so it’s kind of fun.

Implementation was pretty seamless. Because it can link up to our financial ap, it was a matter of days with everyone getting comfortable with what it did.

Just the time it takes to actually get all the calculations done is nothing. Pulling a report takes just seconds, so that’s definitely nice.

You have your dashboard to get what you want, plus you have somebody on the phone. So it’s just kind of nice. I would tell anyone to partner up with Avalara. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Alexis Rozis, staff accountant, works out of the global headquarters in Seattle.


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