George Mazzotta

CFO at iParadigms

As our company grew and our sales force expanded,we knew we had potential sales tax liability because we had created nexus in many states and the regulations by state were ever-evolving.

State taxing authorities only recently discovered SaaS businesses as a potential source of revenue. We started to conduct our own tax liability analysis to see how material this would be. We learned pretty quickly that we needed help – expert help – to do this.

The frustrating thing for all businesses is that there’s no clear direction from any state. Most people are at a loss as to what to do so they’ve sought some sort of professional advice and counsel about how to interpret the tax code because it’s just simply not clear. 

The complexity of the tax code regulation and the limited capacity we have on our finance team motivated us to engage with Avalara Professional Services.

Avalara Professional Services finished their interpretation of the tax code as it applies to our product and presented a very efficient report to us. It was 1,098 pages long!  But when I went through it, I couldn’t see how it could be any less detailed.

We’re also working with Avalara to implement a taxable order-to-cash cycle by helping us re-architect things and implement Avalara AvaTax.

As the CFO, one of my primary responsibilities is to ensure that my company is compliant with all relevant regulations. Sales tax falls into that. Being in compliance makes me feel much more confident.

We feel very confident in the work that Avalara did. They were able to assess the situation for us accurately and dynamically.  As I am talking, tax code is changing and my company is selling more product. So every month, we have to upgrade our analysis to determine what’s changed and what’s happening. We rely on Avalara Professional Services to help us with that.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
George Mazzotta is the company’s CFO and operates out of its global headquarters in Oakland, California.


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