Sean Mulvill

Managing Partner at AgilCommerce

As an Oracle partner, we focus on Oracle commerce and payments.  Any customers that deploy commerce sites need tax, they need payments and they need shipping.  We have a good partnership in the payment space and we’re looking for that in tax as well.

Our new practice within the last 12 months has focused specifically on tax. Avalara fits well within that.

It’s been great partnering with Avalara. It’s a solution that complements our Oracle Order to Cash.

I’ve done commerce projects where customers have put the brakes on a deployment because they don’t think about the tax until they’re into the project.  When they look at tax solutions out there for Oracle customers, those tend to be enterprise solutions that are priced beyond what the budget allows.  With Avalara’s software-as-a-service module, there’s a lower entry fee and the implementation costs significantly less.

Avalara has a quicker deployment time. As a service module it just goes into the Oracle EBS as a customer would.  So it takes much less time than some of the enterprise solutions that are out there.

We see a lot of customers who selected tax platforms ten-plus years ago and there are concerns about moving off of EBS tax.  But Avalara is a subscription model that just goes in and does specific set-ups and configurations; it creates a lower risk than going out and selecting a platform that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for software and implementation.

The great thing about Avalara is that is has an Oracle validated integration. If you go to the Oracle cloud marketplace and look for a validated integration for tax, you’re going to find Avalara.

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Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Sean Mulvill is the co-founder and managing partner of AgilCommerce. His office is located near Seattle, Washington.


AgilCommerce is an Oracle E-Business Suite partner focusing on the Oracle Order to Cash cycle.

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