Michael Menard

President and CEO at Data Source, Inc.

Sales tax can be very complicated when you look at the permutations of products, types of products, local taxes, state taxes and various combinations thereof.  Even certain addresses on the same street can actually be in two different tax jurisdictions. 

With the coming sales tax legislation, sales tax compliance is something that companies should be aware of.

We found Avalara when we had a client needing help managing sales taxes in multiple states and dealing with issues of address verification to assist with shipping.

We scoped out three or four solutions and Avalara surfaced to the top of that solution set for several reasons:  First, it’s a cloud-based model and you can pay based on usage, so it was able to scale and was very cost-effective.  Second, it integrated with the client’s ERP system – Microsoft GP.

Avalara’s pretty self-explanatory.  Some clients have multiple tax jurisdictions they need to work with or have concerns about accuracy of data for shipping and running their fulfillment areas. 

Avalara is easy to manage once it’s set up.    

One of Avalara’s key benefits is its on-boarding costs are significantly lower than many of the other solutions we’ve observed.  And that can be big. 

Somebody who is doing a lot of business across multiple states and offering a wide selection of products – that’s the profile of an Avalara customer.  It is a totally worthwhile solution.

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Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Michael Menard runs Data Source, Inc., based in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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