Andrew Johnson

Founding Partner at Peisner Johnson & Company, LLP

We don’t do traditional CPA work; we only do state and local tax consulting.

If a company’s under audit and has collected the wrong rate of tax, then we can help solve those immediate problems. But it always points out the need to set up an automated system, and we’re not a seller of software. 

The automation piece was a really big thing that was missing from what we were able to offer our clients.

For years, we were desperate to find a partner that could provide customized “set it and forget it” automation for our clients. Then we found Avalara. 

We’ve looked at different automation products, but our view is: it’s our job to identify possible solutions then let the clients decide what works best for them. The vast majority of our clients choose Avalara because it just works better with their accounting systems.

Avalara is great because it works with so many different ERPs, and is very simple to set up. The products are easy to work with and they’re easy for our clients to implement.  It’s been a huge benefit to us.

Avalara solves a huge problem, and they do it for a really low price.  Plus, the accuracy is really good – down to the rooftop.

When our clients need help with automation, we say, “Bring in Avalara. Then you’ll be in good shape going forward.”

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Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Andrew Johnson is one of the founding partners at Peisner Johnson & Company. He works out of the firm’s Dallas headquarters.

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