Sales Tax Compliance for Retailers


Balancing Retail Sales Tax Compliance and the Customer Experience

It’s a common problem in retail and eCommerce: You need to collect exemption certificates at the point of sale, but don’t want to risk losing customers over long lines or frustrating online checkout experiences.

In this webinar hosted by Internet Retailer, you’ll learn:

  • How customer loyalty is directly impacted by the way exemption certificates are handled at checkout
  • Why manually managing collection and storage of certificates can lead to higher sales tax audit costs
  • What problems can be solved by automating tax-exempt transactions at the POS

Mike Maselli

Senior Director of Product Management, Avalara CertCapture

Mike is the Senior Director of Product Management for the Avalara Compliance Document Management product suite.  Mike has over 20 years of experience leading software teams for developing enterprise and hosted solutions.

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