Four tips to simplify filing sales tax returns

Overcome the most common challenges of filing sales tax returns

The first step on your journey to sales tax compliance

Find out how to ease the arduous task of filing sales tax returns in this 10-minute webinar, featuring tips on how to overcome the most common challenges of filing returns, ways you can use tools you already have to manage deadlines, and suggestions to reduce the amount of time spent managing returns.

In this 10-minute sales and use tax webinar, Liz Armbruester of Avalara will provide practical tips on:

  • Understanding the basics of the sales tax compliance process
  • Managing your sales tax return filing calendar
  • Handling the complexity of multiple disparate systems
  • Responding to state tax notices
  • Saving time and building filing efficiencies

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about sales tax and how to efficiently and accurately manage it for your business.

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