Navigating Beverage Alcohol Compliance During COVID-19

The impacts of COVID-19 are redefining the landscape of your business, your home, and your community on a daily basis. Beverage alcohol is one industry that has been hit especially hard in this crisis. While still considered an essential business in most states, tasting rooms are shuttered. However, many state agencies are putting various safeguards in place to help businesses like yours alleviate some of the compliance burden during this difficult period.

Presented by Jeff Carroll, General Manager of Avalara for Beverage Alcohol, this on-demand webinar offers a current-state roundup as of the live presentation on April 8, 2020, of the tax and regulatory industry information related to COVID-19. He was joined by Shannon Fahey, Avalara for Beverage Alcohol Tax Research Analyst, and Scott Peterson, Avalara VP of Government Relations, who have been following all the fast-moving changes at the federal, state, and local levels. They'll provide you with a guide for navigating compliance for the duration of this emergency, including where to find resources and timelines as of the recording.

Discussion topics included:

  • Overview of agency guidance
  • Proposed relief for affected businesses
  • Update on key 2020 legislation, litigation, and regulations
  • Planning and best practices for mid-year license and product renewal processes


  • Jeff Carroll, General Manager, Avalara for Beverage Alcohol
  • Shannon Fahey, Tax Research Analyst, Avalara for Beverage Alcohol
  • Scott Peterson, VP of Government Relations, Avalara

Originally recorded:

April 8, 2020

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