Reducing tax risk: SaaS in 2020 and beyond

If your business deals at all with communications services, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with the changes. There are huge industry trends like the convergence of voice, video and technology, as well as explosive growth in new technologies. As both your business and the industry evolve, you might be affected by communications tax and not even realize it.

Tracking these changes and the associated tax impacts can be complicated. One proven method of doing so is with a well-implemented SaaS-based tax solution. Rather than an on-premise solution, a SaaS solution can help ensure you address the changing environment and keep your business up to date in a timely and accurate way.

In this webinar, Avalara's tax and technology experts Toby Bargar and Matt "MJ" Nelson covered best practices to help ensure your tax and technology strategies are aligned with your business goals and personnel strengths.

They covered topics like:

  • Industry trends you need to understand
  • How these can change your communication tax liabilities
  • The impacts of digital transformation on your business
  • Choosing a SaaS-based solution versus an on-premise solution
  • Next steps to future-proof your business and reduce tax risk

Whether you are a tax professional or on the technology team responsible for supporting them, this is a can't-miss webinar. You'll leave with practical tips to help you make critical decisions as you move your organization into the next decade.


  • Toby Bargar, Avalara
  • Matt "MJ" Nelson, Avalara
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